At Kids X-Cel Center, toddlers are generally 16 months to 35 months of age.

Toddlers learn in many different ways through theme-based lesson plans, such as:

  • Under the Sea
  • Happy Halloween
  • Apple Fun
  • In the Jungle

Each day we concentrate on the following domains of learning:

  • Social and Emotional Development– Toddlers learn how to play nicely with friends to share.
  • Language Development and Communication– Toddlers learn language skills, listening skills, and communication skills during group time, calendar time, story time, and music time.
  • Cognitive Development– Toddlers learn through exploration, discovery, problem solving, imitation, and symbolic play.
  • Math– Toddlers practice numbers by counting different shapes, days of the week, and other classroom items.
  • Science/Sensory– Toddlers explore through activities exposing them to different textures such as sand, rice, water, shaving cream, and pudding.
  • Physical and Motor Development– Toddlers develop fine motor skills through building and connecting blocks and Legos, by creating their own “masterpieces” using markers, crayons, pencils, and paint brushes, and by using a spoon to feed themselves. They develop gross motor skills by dancing, running, jumping, and climbing in classrooms and on the playground. They develop physical health and well-being skills by learning to use the toilet, wash hands, and to put on shoes, coats, and boots before outdoor play. Potty training is a focus area for the older toddlers.

Toddler rate:  $165/week, which includes:
Diapers, milk, morning and afternoon snacks, and a nutritionally-balanced hot, catered lunch.