Preschoolers learn in many different ways through theme-based lesson plans. Classroom activities involve the following domains of learning:

  • Social and Emotional Development– Social skills are developed as the children play and interact with other children, as they are introduced to new activities and experiences, and as they identify and build upon their individual interests. Children learn to understand feelings, emotions, and differing ideas. This happens during free play, sharing time, and circle time.
  • Approaches to Learning– Children learn as they think and talk about subject matter. They learn through curiosity, experimenting, problem solving, and using different strategies to come up with solutions. We allow children to be involved in an activity without the fear of making a mistake and allow them to express themselves through discussions, conversations, art, music, and more. This increases their love of learning.
  • Language and Literacy– Children learn to communicate by asking questions, giving answers, making statements, sharing ideas, and using pretend or fantasy play. They learn to listen and respond to stories, directions, and conversations in group settings and during individual conversations with adults and other children. Children learn about sequences, rhymes, and beginning word sounds. Literacy related play activities are encourage to get frequent opportunities to draw, write, and copy.
  • Creativity and the Arts– Creative and artistic activities provide children opportunities explore, experiment, and express with a variety of materials and media (e.g., arts, construction, music, movement and design). We encourage awareness and appreciation of the arts and creative expression from a variety of cultures.
  • Cognitive Development– Children search for meaning and understanding by using mathematical and logical thinking, scientific thinking, problem-solving, and social systems understanding. We encourage children to experiment, observe, and discuss what they discover. Observing nature, sensory activities, and discussions about families, jobs, community leader,s and how to care for the environment are a few ways for children to grow cognitively.
  • Physical and Motor Development– Children have a need to move and be active, to care for themselves, and to learn good health and safety habits. We give children the opportunity to develop fine motor skills through drawing, cutting, and writing and to develop gross motor skills through outdoor play and indoor activities that are physically engaging, fun, and challenging. We encourage children to show independence in self-care activities like washing, dressing, covering their mouths when coughing, and taking care when using sharps objects. They learn about the importance of good nutrition, good rest, safety, and good personal care practices.

Preschool rate: $160/week, which includes:
Milk, morning and afternoon snacks, and a nutritionally-balanced hot, catered lunch.