Our Pre-Kindergarten program (the final year before kindergarten) will assist your child with an easy transition into kindergarten by preparing them in many ways. The children learn in many different ways through theme-based lesson plans. Classroom activities involve the following domains of learning:

  • Social and Emotional Development– This is a critical area of development for preparing for kindergarten. Our classroom environment, schedules, and routines promote interactions, self-control, and self-regulation. We help them to develop an awareness of self, others, genders, and cultures, and to accept and appropriately respond to the differences between them. This happens during free play, sharing time, and circle time.
  • Approaches to Learning– Children learn in so many different ways. We provide them with diverse opportunities for learning through imagination, inventiveness, exploration, and problem-solving in environments that offer an appropriate amount of stimulation using a wide variety of familiar and new equipment and materials. Goals for the children are not limited to the acquisition of knowledge, understanding, and skill, but also address the development of positive attitudes and dispositions.
  • Language and Literacy– Children learn to use language to communicate needs, to interact socially, and to share ideas, thoughts, and feelings. We feel it is important for children to learn how to communicate one-on-one, in small groups, and in larger groups, to listen with understanding, and to follow directions. We strive to create a love of books, stories, and reading within each child. We read to the children to help them learn and we read to them just for fun. Story time discussions often involve the meaning of words, what might happen next in the story, answering questions about the stories, discussing the pictures, asking them to retell the story, etc. We also provide the children with many opportunities to express themselves through writing, coloring, drawing, and copying. We respect their varying levels of development and encourage reading and writing of numbers, letters, words, and their own names.
  • Creativity and the Arts– A variety of media and materials are used for exploration and creative expression in art, music, movement, drama, and dance activities. We support the development of personal preferences by giving choices and supporting discussions of likes and dislikes. We encourage awareness and appreciation of the arts and creative expression from a variety of cultures.
  • Cognitive Development– At the Pre-K age, children are curious and use many different methods to acquire, organize, and use information to learn about the world. We introduce them to and encourage scientific thinking and problem-solving, mathematical and logical thinking, social systems understanding, and conceptual thinking. We teach them about many concepts, such as understanding space (filling/emptying, building, etc.), the sequence of daily routines, different forms of time (days, weeks, seasons, etc.), patterns, measurements, learning with your senses, etc.
  • Physical and Motor Development– Children have a need to move and be active, to care for themselves, and to learn good health and safety habits. We give children the opportunity to develop fine motor skills by providing a variety of manipulative materials and activities, as well as drawing, cutting, and writing activities. We help them develop gross motor skills through outside play and indoor activities that are physically engaging, fun, and challenging. They learn about the importance of good nutrition, good rest, safety, and good personal care practices. We encourage children to show independence in self-care activities like going to the restroom, washing hands, dressing themselves for outside play, covering their mouths when coughing, and clearing their own lunch dishes.

Pre-Kindergarten rate: $160/week, which includes:
Milk, morning and afternoon snacks, and a nutritionally-balanced hot, catered lunch.