Do you offer after-school care?

Kids X-Cel Center is a preschool education center; therefore, we do not offer care to elementary-aged children during the school year. During the summer months, however, we offer a summer camp for children, grades K through 6th.   Visits the Kids Kamp page, or call Nancy at (507) 354-4299 for more information.

Do you offer part time care?

Enrolled families determine their own care schedule. We encourage full time participation to maximize results, but ultimately families determine the number of hours their child receives care/education. We offer one tuition option so new families pay the same amount for part time and full time hours.

Do you provide drop-in care?

We do not offer drop-in care.

What is your hourly rate?

Kids X-Cel Center offers one tuition option for newly enrolled families. Tuition rates apply for up to 48 hours of care/education per week. If your child attends more than 48 hours per week, there is an additional $5 per hour charge.

Do you accept family who qualify for County child care assistance?

We accept families with child care assistance. The family is responsible for tuition every week until the center receives information from the County regarding the child care agreement/payment. The family is then responsible for a weekly payment of the portion of the tuition that the County assistance does not cover.

Do you offer scholarships?

Because we are a Parent Aware rated program, there may be Pathway I scholarships available for families that qualify. Please contact Nancy at (507) 354-4299 for more information.

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